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 TROPHY Wire Guide Nozzle-Carbide Nozzle-W series coil winding nozzle » For sale
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Details :
Carbide Coil winding Nozzles W series

TROPHY's carbide nozzles W series is made of tungsten carbide material, with a hardness up to HRA90 and above, and bending resistance up to 2300N/mm. It has an excellent balance between the wear resistance and being too brittle.

Each nozzle is made of a solid piece of material with no joints so as to ensure a smooth path for wire travel. The inner bore is ground and polished to Ra0.1. Both the inlet and outlet radii are scientifically calculated and processed to a surface finish of Ra0.025, ensuring smooth travelling and minimal stress to the wire during winding.

Concentricity between the clamping diameter and the outlet diameter is 0.01 mm. The inner bore diameter’s tolerance is 0.01 mm. It is excellent for precision coil layering.

Advantages: high impact resistance, high rigidity, high hardness

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